Charming for Charity

Update December 2012



Thank you very much indeed to all our customers that, booking with, have contributed to the realization of this ambitious project.

We are happy to announce that the renovation works began.

A thank you to the A.S.D. Mille Sport, its athletes and the Rotaract Club Quartu S. Elena for giving us the opportunity to participate in this initiative.

We will keep you updated on our upcoming projects for 2013.

Stay tuned!

The Charming Team


The Charming-Team would like to contribute its part to solidarity. We believe that every donation, no matter how small, can be important.

Therefore 1 Euro of each booking made through CharmingSardinia will be donated to a local charity project.

We would like to start by sustaining the area in which we are active, supporting projects that we consider to be valuable; more precisely: your contribution will already bear fruits, be visible and tangible, tomorrow.

The project we are supporting at the moment is an initiative of the Rotract Club of Quartu Sant’Elena Margine Rosso, in the favour of the A.S.D. Mille Sport association, which supports athletes suffering from various physical, mental and psycho-motoric health problems.

Besides helping the athletes to regain normal physical activity, the organization furthermore allows athletes to make important life experiences and to undergo educational growth.

In a more concrete sense, the Rotaract Club is committed to:

1) the refurbishment of the changing rooms
2) the refurbishment of the storage facilities for medical and sports devices.

During the works, the refurbishment cost will be deduced from the monthly rent of the facilities, allowing A.S.D. Mille Sport free use of the premises for two years.

The Charming-Team, the Rotaract Club, the A.D.S. Mille Sport Association and the athletes would like to thank you for your contribution.

Please feel free to check up on the progress of the work at any time, by sending an email to