Christmas Holiday in Sardinia

December 2013: an overview of the Island


In Sardinia, the Christmas atmosphere makes its entrance at the end of November, but Christmas time officially starts on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In the Island, Christmas involves Christian rites, all the most modern facets and, of course, all those traditions related to the delicious Sardinian cuisine.

Christmas, as well as eating, in Sardinia, means family, tradition and typical Sardinian food, much like in the rest of central and southern Italy, a reason to pass time with your dear ones, to laugh and tell the last news, sometimes even an occasion to discuss and argue in pure Italian style.





Mes'e Idas and Mes'e Paschixedda, Nadale, Nadali and Nadabi are the most common terms to say December in Sardinian language.

Weather in Sardinia in September
oh yes, even in Sardinia "Winter is coming", because we don't actually have the torrid climate conditions you all think we have but a mild Mediterranean climate. In the southern Italian regions (Sardinia included), winter is the rainy season. The beginning of the month has been problematic and the weather forecast of specialized Italians sites confirm widespread rains over the region until the middle of the month. The average temperatures range between 5°C and 15°C (41°F – 59°F) during the warmest hours of the day, but occasionally, temperatures drop to 0°C (historical record of - 4.8°).

Sardinia Events September 2013
Autunno in Barbagia - 6, 7 e 8, Dicembre, Fonni e Azara / 13, 14, 15 Dicembre, Orune e Olzai 
Trio Friedrich in concerto - 1 Dicembre, Iglesias
Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza FIND, fino all’8 Dicembre, Cagliari 
Fiera Natale 2013 - dal 13 al 22 Dicembre, Cagliari 
Presepe Vivente - 24 Dicembre, Gergei 
Natale al Parco di Porto Conte - dal 4 al 30 Dicembre, Alghero 
Atlantide 2014 New Year's Event – 31 Dicembre, Cagliari 
Cap d'Any de l'Alguer e Negrita in Concerto – Dicembre, Alghero

For specific events, it is best to contact the local tourism offices.


Where to holiday in Sardinia in December

Suggested Sardinia Hotels for December 2013

Villas Las Tronas
Smy Carlos V Wellness and Spa

La Villa del Mare


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