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Sardinia Overview

Sardinia Overview



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Discover the Network.
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Hotels in Sardinia 2024

First and foremost – the SEA.

The vast length and variety of the Sardinian coasts, envied and admired world-over, are an invitation to discovery and of course to come back time and again. Because there will always be one beach you have missed, or a hidden bay awarded a cursory glance and that merits so much more, and how about ‘this year an in-depth visit to the Archipelago of La Maddalena’, not forgetting repeat trips to discover the other islands – and Carloforte? And Asinara? And Cala Goloritzé?

The most knowledgeable visitors to the island of course know that also the Ogliastra region and Costa Verde are not to be missed for those in search of authenticity and unspoilt nature; areas to be discovered in autonomy, beach by beach, cove by cove. 

For many visitors, Sardinia is synonymous with sea, summer and holidays – the main symbol of the national and international jet set scene is of course the Costa Smeralda, with the famous Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo; but there are equally well-known resorts in the south, such as Villasimius and Chia, and, in the north-west, the coast from Alghero to Bosa.

But those who choose to come back here year after year, choosing to see this as a trip rather than a stay, are well aware that Sardinia is much, much more! 

A very ancient land, it can boast a heritage of inestimable value, which visitors can discover thanks to a number of extremely important historical and archaeological sites dotted throughout the island. Travelling along the main and secondary roads visitors may well come across the ruins of a nuraghe (round-plan prehistoric defensive towers, made of rough-hewn stone blocks), situated throughout the territory; amongst the best known is Su Nuraxi of Barumini, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

If you find yourselves in the south of the island, don’t forego a visit to the city of Cagliari, chief city of the region: take a stroll through the fascinating historic centre, ending at the multi-ethnic quarter of Marina, leading down to the Port, and why not? take a short trip out to Poetto beach and a dip in the blue waters of the Gulf of Angels. 

How to reach Sardinia

There are three airports linking Sardinia to the rest of the world and their passenger volume depends on the seasons. The South coast is served by Cagliari airport, which is also a good starting point to reach the Ogliastra area. Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport is dedicated to the whole area of Olbia and the north-eastern coast, while the western coast is mainly served by Alghero Airport. 

To reach Sardinia by sea the main ferry ports are Porto Torres, Golfo Aranci, Arbatax, Olbia and Cagliari.

What’s the weather like in Sardinia?

The climate is mild in winter too and, with the exception of some mountain areas, temperatures never dip very low. Summers are sunny and marked by high temperatures, with warm, dry winds. Average temperatures in July and August range from 21°C to 30°C.

If, apart from the seaside, you wish to discover the other side to the island, we suggest the spring, which runs from March-April to June. 

North or South Sardinia? 

If you’re planning a vacation in Sardinia for the first time and are unsure where exactly to go, let us offer a few general tips. Each area is a place unto itself with its own particular attractions, even at landscape level! 

The northern coast is generally more broken up and rockier, with a few long stretches of beach, many bays and inlets and rocky coasts. 

The southern coast is mostly flat, with a larger number of long sandy stretches of beach. 

To discover all the hotel offers available in Sardinia and to identify your personal solution, contact our staff. 


Whether you are looking for a relaxing romantic interlude or an action-packed family holiday, a blend of sea, amusement and nightlife, or lazy relaxation and the peace and quiet of nature, Sardinia’s hotel offers will manage to satisfy all your needs. 

With the family

Without the shadow of a doubt, Sardinia is a true haven for the kids – apart from the long stretches of sandy beach, and shallow, gently shelving sea beds ideal for tiny tots, it offers a number of alternatives to stimulate the curiosity of the younger age brackets, ensuring the children manage to enjoy a pleasant stimulating holiday experience with their parents. 


Renowned as a luxury holiday destination is the Costa Smeralda, which boasts stylish hotels, high-end bars and restaurants and where the beauty of the sea offers a splendid backdrop to stylish aperitifs and exclusive evening events. If you’re not that much into glamour, you might prefer some less exclusive but equally beautiful resorts such as Chia, Villasimius or Alghero.

A boating holiday

Enjoy the sea of Sardinia in complete freedom, starting from Porto Cervo, Alghero, Palau or from the main ports. Choose a week’s cruise or just a day trip, enjoy the day’s catch on board and plunge into the crystal-clear offshore waters. 

Sea & Beach

There are a number of offers available for your Sardinia Beach Holidays. A holiday offering complete rest, with a hotel on the beach and a splendid stretch of snowy white sand: it could be Chia, or even Costa Rei or the Gulf of Marinella. A more dynamic vacation, beach hopping, could lead you to choose the Ogliastra area, the coast of Oristano or the Costa Smeralda. Yet again, a nature trekking trail ending at the splendid bay of Cala Goloritzé or the discovery of the Costa Verde and the thrill of strolling among the dunes of Piscinas, the largest sand dune coastal area in Europe and a UNESCO Heritage Site. 


Not much time on hand but in search of something truly amazing? It doesn’t take much to organise an amazing romantic weekend in Sardinia. Whether you land at Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero, remember the airports are close to the cities and also the seaside resorts. The warmth of hospitality and a glass of good wine create just the right atmosphere for a very special holiday. 


The scents of Mediterranean brush, and your gaze lost in the distances of the sea – this is the backdrop awaiting you at your golf-oriented vacation in Sardinia. True havens of peace and quiet, guaranteeing a holiday marked by sport and serenity. 

Family hotels

Just a few steps from a sea with a gently sloping bottom, fine sand and gleaming colours – a host of services and activities to fill the days of the kids and teens with sun, sea and sport. In the family hotels, the adults too will find just what they need to guarantee a stress-free holiday! 

Romantic Hotels

Set in the lush green countryside of Gallura, with granite rock formations and cork forests, just a short distance from a clear blue sea and small bays and inlets, or in the centre of fascinating towns such as Cagliari or Alghero. There is a wide choice of romantic hotels, never forgetting the backdrop of the sea and the warmth of the hospitality offered. 

5-Star Hotels 

Stylish and furnished with traditional simple Sardinian handicraft elements as well as modern touches, the 5-star hotels look out over long sandy beaches or are set in small private sandy bays, whose name alone is a guarantee of excellence: Costa Smeralda, Pula, Chia, Villasimius, and Alghero.

Boutique hotels

Dedicated to guests in search of careful service and an intimate ambience, the boutique hotels are surrounded by lush Mediterranean brush growth or are right on the seashore, or again they can be found in the small centres which, especially during the high season, offer lively evening entertainment. 

4-Star Hotels

The wide selection of 4-star hotels includes charming small structures situated in small towns and villages around Oristano and Alghero, where visitors will find closer contact with the local ambience and tradition; hotels set in the countryside of Gallura, in the fascinating hinterland or on the shores of Ogliastra and Arzachena. Discover all the destinations on offer! 

‘Widespread’ Hotels

This particular type of hospitality can be found in Sardinia at Bosa and Orosei. These hotels consist of several buildings and are situated normally in the historic centres of the towns or villages: a home from home, where you may almost forget that you are in a hotel. 

Adults-only Hotels

Marked by tranquillity and discretion, these hotels designed for adults only guarantee services for clients who, either alone or in company, have a real need to wind down and find their own dimension. In the silence of your room, on the beach or at the restaurant, each place will be a place of peace and tranquillity. You will certainly find what you’re looking for at Costa Rei, Alghero and Pittolongu.

Spa Hotels

When a stay is dedicated to wellness, there’s nothing better than a sauna or a massage to tone up at the end of the day. Often near the sea and the most important tourist resorts, the Spa Hotels combine absolute relaxation and careful pampering of guests. 

Hotels on the sea

In the morning, the fresh salty scent of the sea breeze will make a great start to your day, an invitation to the first dip. Leaf through our selection of hotels by the sea – choose from between the golden sands of the Ogliastra region and the fine white sands of Chia, the numberless bays and inlets of Arzachena and the long stretches of beach of the Costa Verde.

Golf hotels

With the convenience of having the course on your doorstep, golf hotels are the ideal choice for guests looking to play on some of the most famous and panoramic courses in the Mediterranean area, with a splendid sea view set against a backdrop of lush vegetation. 

Hotels with Jacuzzi in your room

The commodity and privacy of a hydromassage tub is waiting for you at the end of a long day – in the intimacy of your own room. A careful choice of structures with Jacuzzi in the room; high-level structures offering this facility. 

Thermal Hotels

These hotels offer the benefits of curative waters, sauna or Turkish bath, a great solution and a form of pampering you really deserve. Ideal after a day of wandering through the hinterland of Sardinia; after stretching out on the beach, after trips to discover the bays and inlets, unknown to most visitors; or after a tour of the small villages of the Barbagia and Gallura, where time seems to stand still, or even – why not? – the closing note of a day of complete relaxation. 

Luxury villas to rent

In localities of excellence such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Arzachena and the Costa Smeralda but also in other splendid resorts on the island and in its southern part. These luxury villas for rent ensure the highest comfort and level of service, which can be highly personalised to meet your needs. 

Holiday homes with pool

In modern, linear style or with tradition-based details, often the result of painstaking restructuring projects, these holiday homes with pool are generally near the sea, in well-known resorts of the Costa Smeralda, Costa Rei and the coasts round Cagliari. 

Holiday homes on the sea

Stay without hassle of any kind, with friends, as a couple or with the family, free and independent from any time schedule and above all in complete privacy just a short distance from the beach. Our selection of holiday homes by the sea offers a wide choice in the best destinations on the island. 

Tourist villages

Between sunbathing and a short shopping trip, back at the resort you will be able to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Sport, activities, entertainment – in these tourist villages enjoyment is guaranteed! 


Several comfortable resorts offer a variety of accommodation options, including in bungalows – a solution providing a degree of independence much appreciated by families too. 

Children’s villages

In the best destinations such as Budoni, Baja Sardinia, Cannigione, where long stretches of golden sand welcome both adults and kids, these tourist villages are the number one choice for family holidays. 


Exclusive relais, intimate and welcoming refuges for those in search of a restful holiday, with an eye to the rich traditions of the island. 

Yoga vacations

The splendid vegetation to be found throughout the island means that this is a prime venue for the organisation of a yoga holiday, where guests can rediscover their concentration in harmony with nature and its respectful silence. 


Seen as among the most beautiful in Italy, Sardinia’s golf courses offer a truly exceptional attraction: on the one hand, the lush green of Mediterranean plants and bushes and on the other the splendour of its beaches and seascapes. 


The rich wine and food tradition of the island, with its roots deep in the past, differing from zone to zone, will amaze and involve you from day one with the tastes and flavours of its dishes. From meat to fresh fish, from the seadas to almond-based cookies. Your meal will always be accompanied by excellent wine produced in the area and should – we suggest – end with a small glass of myrtle liqueur or a drop of filu ’e ferru.

We have listed a selection of the best restaurants to delight your taste buds.

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