Travel Tips about Sardinia

1) Which is the best period to visit Sardinia?

Spring, from March-April to June; it’s not too hot and you can enjoy the island in bloom. It’s the best period to discover the region, both in naturalistic and in cultural terms.

2) Which is the quietest period to visit the Sardinia?

The low season, from the beginning of March to the end of May and from September to the first days of November. It’s the best period for you, if:

-    You’re looking for a relaxing stay.
-    You’re not interested to the classic beach holiday.
-    You want to take time for yourself in a unique location, surrounded by nature and far from the crowd
-    You are more interested in culture, traditions than sunbathing

3) Which is the best period to enjoy the sun and have fun in Sardinia?

The high season, from end of June to August. The hottest period, ideal to enjoy the sun, the blue sea and the nightlife. It’s the best period for you, if:
-    You’re looking for a funny and dynamic beach holiday
-    You’re looking for a funny and entertaining beach holiday for you and your children
-    You want to discover the local nightlife

4) Which are the differences between north and south of Sardinia?

It presents for the most part indented coasts; the beaches are mostly rocky and only a few of them are long and sandy. The nightlife in high season is very lively in tourist resorts. In north Sardinia are spoken 4 out 5 main dialects. A particular language, a variant of Catalan language, is spoken in Alghero.

The territory is most flat, with less indented coasts than in northern Sardinia; there are many sandy long beaches, where you easily find a place even in high season. In south Sardinia is spoken the dialect Campidanese, in its numerous local variations.

6) Is renting a car in Sardinia necessary?

Sometimes yes, but not always: however, it’s frequently recommended. Sardinia landscape is so various that visiting it by car is definitely the best solution.


7) Which area has the best nightlife in Sardinia?

The Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) is the top about social life and nightlife in Sardinia. Here you will find the most famous posh clubs, discos, restaurants often chosen by national and international VIPs for their holidays.
Less expensive tourist locations, very popular as well, are Alghero and Olbia aerea, for example San Teodoro.

8) Where are the best family hotels in Sardinia?

Villasimius is the top: sandy beaches and shallow waters; beaches are easily reachable from the hotels. Here the hotels are usually very well equipped for families: baby and mini club, nursery, baby sitter on request.

9) Which is the quietest and secluded area for a relaxing holiday in Sardinia?

Oristano area, from Piscinas to Bosa. It’s definitely the most unspoilt one, and the less touristically exploited of the Island.

11) Where are the best resorts and hotels for singles in Sardinia?

There are not many hotels offering special offers for singles. However, here a list of hotels which are suitable for singles:

-    Hotel Castello/Hotel Le Dune/Hotel Villa del Parco – Forte Village Resort (Santa Margherita di Pula). In the Resort there is a wide variety of entertainment. It’s not far from the centre of Pula.
-    Villa Las Tronas (Alghero) by the sea, a few minutes walk from Alghero city centre
-    Hotel Sporting (Porto Rotondo) a few steps from the beach and from the dynamic Porto Rotondo
-    Hotel Torreruja (Isola Rossa) near the centre of Isola Rossa
-    Hotel Marinedda (Isola Rossa) near the centre of Isola Rossa)

12) How is the weather in Sardinia? Which are the average temperatures in Sardinia?

Typical Mediterranean climate, with mild and short winters, characterized by humid mild winds, and with hot summer, characterized by warm and dry winds. The swimming season goes from May to October.

Here the average monthly temperatures in Sardinia:

January - Min 7 Max 14
February - Min 7 Max 15
March - Min 9 Max 17
April – Min 11 Max 19
May – Min 14 Max 23
June – Min 18 Max 27
July – Min 21 Max 30
August – Min 21 Max 30
September – Min 19 Max 27
October – Min 15 Max 23
November – Min 11 Max 19
December – Min 9 Max 16

Here the average monthly sea temperatures in Sardinia:

January – 14°
February – 13°
March – 14°
April – 15°
May – 17°
June – 20°
July – 23°
August – 24°
September – 23°
October – 21°
November – 18°
December – 15°