Best time to visit the Emerald Coast (Sardinia)

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The first answer? Summer
The hottest, most dynamic, full of people, events, parties and music.
If you want to experience the Emerald Coast at 360°, with all its many faces, when it’s full of energy and vitality, the best time to visit the Emerald Coast is definitely the summer.

Find out more about the beaches and places to see.

The second answer? The spring and early autumn
It is when mother nature is waking from hibernation, in the month of May to early June, or in September, when the earth begins to catch his breath after the summer heat, that Sardinia and Costa Smeralda offer the best of itself.

In June, September and October, seawater temperature is above 21° (in August it reaches 26°), ideal for a cooling swim.  

Best time to visit the Emerald Coast Best time to visit the Emerald Coast: the nature Best time to visit the Emerald Coast: Food Festival

Why spring is the best time to visit the Emerald Coast?

Here are three good reasons:
The colors and the smells of Sardinia in flower
The beaches, less crowded, are available in all their wonderful simplicity
The towns and villages come back to life, shops and restaurants are open

What to do in the spring? Here are some ideas!

Sea, sea, sea
The beaches and the crystal clear sea you can enjoy any time of year: definitely during the summer season, with the rays of the sun reflecting on the water and on the sand reflecting all their splendor. But during the beautiful spring days, with the warm sun shining and the beaches free of crowds, they are timeless places to stroll, breathe the salt air, relax and simply enjoy the moment.

Best time to visit the Emerald Coast: The Rally Best time to visit the Emerald Coast: Golf Club Pevero Best time to visit the Emerald Coast: Luras, Gallura

Food & Wine Festivals in Porto Cervo
What better opportunity to sample the best of Italian food? Porto Cervo Wine Festival is usually held in the month of May, while Porto Cervo Food Festival takes place usually in September. Trust the organizational skills of the Starwood Hotels: a class event in the beautiful setting of the Costa Smeralda.

A rally that has been held since 1978, on the dirt tracks of Gallura and Costa Smeralda. The Rally of Sardinia sees the skilled pilots racing along the winding roads of the countryside of the Costa Smeralda and the mountains around Porto Cervo. The event is usually held in May and June.

Sports & Golf
If you love sports, particularly golf, the midseason is the best choice, you can enjoy your favorite sport in all serenity, enjoy the beautiful weather and the tranquility of the links that, at this time of year are less crowded and suitable for those who want to divide their time between sport and nature.

Cultural Tours
What better time to visit the Emerald Coast and surrounding areas, to discover the local history and its roots, than during the warm spring weather? We suggest that you rent a car and discover Gallura, or for those who want to delve deeper into the ancient history of the island, visit the archaeological sites of Arzachena.

Consult our beach guide and places to visit on the Costa Smeralda and in the Province of Olbia.

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