Province of Sassari

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Holidays in the Province of Sassari – Alghero, sea, history and natural beauties

Until 2005, the date of the creation of the new provinces of Sardinia, (which from four became eight), the province of Sassari represented the largest area of Sardinia, and was the largest province of Italy. With the establishment of the new provinces, the territory has lost 24 municipalities, but Sassari is still the fifth Italian town by extension and the second most populous city after Cagliari in Sardinia.

Surroundings and nature

Due to the vastness of its territory, the environmental variety is really diverse; the territory of Sassari province, for example, includes Lake Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia, the Nurra, the second plain after Campidano, and the beautiful Asinara Island, with a unique history behind it, which since 1998 became a national park.

Sassari-lake Baratz Sassari-city Asinara Island

Tourism in Alghero

The town of Alghero is definitely one of the favourite destinations for holidays in northern Sardinia.

Those who choose a hotel or resort for their holidays in Alghero have absolutely to visit the natural and archaeological beauties of the zone, as the spectacular caves of Neptune, in the territory of Capo Caccia, or the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, prenuragic archaeological site near the city.

The coast of Alghero is dotted with a succession of beautiful coves, beaches and headlands; among these, the Bombarde and Mugoni beach are among the most popular.

caves of Nettuno Sassari-necropolis Bombarde

To fully enjoy your holiday in Alghero, and to get in touch with local traditions, we suggest a visit to the Archaeological and Historical Ethnographic Museum Sella&Mosca. One of the most famous wine farms of Sardinia, ready to welcome you and to reveal its secrets.

Holidays in Sassari, Castelsardo and surroundings

Moving towards Sassari, we find, in the area of Stintino, a beach that does not fear comparisons with tropical waters: it is La Pelosa beach, famous for the transparency of its waters.

For those who wish to penetrate the territory and to discover little-frequented seas, we suggest a visit to Rena Majori della Nurra in the territory of Sassari.

Stintino Castelsardo-castle of the Doria Sassari-nuraghe Santu Antine

If you choose a hotel in the territory of Sassari and Alghero, we recommend you a stay in Castelsardo, charming town dominated by the Castle of the Doria, not far from the capital. Leaving the city, you can not miss a stop at the picturesque Elephant Rock.

Who likes to know more about the historical evidence that abound in Sardinia, which is a very ancient land, can visit the Nuraghe Santu Antine in the territory of Torralba, which is less than 40 km from the town of Sassari.


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