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Citadel of Museums and Castel district, Cagliari
Located in what up till recently was the arsenal, the Citadella dei Musei is the Cagliari Museum group. Inside it you can visit the National Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery, the Wax Museum and the Museum of Siamese art. We recommend a walk in the district where the Citadel stands , the impressive Castello, one of the historic districs of the city.

Citadel of Museums Citadel of Museums Citadel of Museums

Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli
One of the rares examples of lobed Nuraghe in Sardinia (consisting of five towers arranged around the central one), Nuraghe Arrubiu or Orrobiu (red in Sardinian language) owes its name and its coloration to the many lichens that cover it.

Nuraghe Arrubiu Nuraghe Arrubiu Nuraghe Arrubiu

Is Zuddas Caves
They are the oldest caves known so far, formed about 600 million years ago. Still active, they run for about 500 meters, and offer spectacular sceneries between the tunnels and the various rooms of which they are composed.


Ruins of Nora
Punic and Roman archaeological area that stands on the promontory of Capo di Pula. Nora, the oldest town in Sardinia, is above all remembered for the discovery of the Stele of Nora, the oldest written document that shows the name of Sardinia in Phoenician alphabet: shrd = Shardana, now at the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.

Molentargius Natural Park
Called in local dialect sa genti arrubia, "red people", because of the color assumed by part of the plumage, pink flamingos' color is due to a particular crustacean they eat, particularly rich in purple pigments. Attracted by the mild Sardinian winter, flamingos are concentrated in the ponds around Cagliari, in particular Molentargius and Santa Gilla.

 Molentargius Natural Park Molentargius Natural Park


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