Province of Nuoro

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Holidays in Nuoro, tourism in one of the most beautiful and least known areas of Sardinia
Barbagia is historically the most savage heart of Sardinia; the Romans called it "Barbaria" for the  character of its reserved and proud people who never were entirely subdued. Nuoro, which is the capital of this province, has become the symbol of Sardinian culture, being the birthplace of some of the most important writers of the island, most of all the Nobel Prize for Literature, Grazia Deledda, who in 1894 described it thus: "It's the heart of Sardinia, it is the same Sardinia with all its manifestations".

Nuoro and its Territory
The province of Nuoro includes most of the Gennargentu massif and has a very diversified territory, alternating mountains, valleys, plateaus and a portion of coast well known to tourists for the beautiful caves and inlets that characterize it.

Paradisiacal creeks and pristine beaches for an exclusive holiday
The most best known creeks of the province of Nuoro are certainly those in the Gulf of Orosei: Cala Luna and Cala Fuili; there are many beaches that are worth a visit: among them, we report two of them making part of the territory of Siniscola: Berchida and Capo Comino.

Not only sea
The beauties of Sardinia do not stop at the beautiful coasts: the province of Nuoro offers the traveller a holiday that seeks the roots of the Sardinian culture, visiting the Museum of Life and Popular Traditions in Nuoro, and the Museum of the Masks in Mamoiada, discovering unique places like the hidden village of Tiscali. Tourism in the territory of Nuoro is a type of tourism that has some of the traditional holidays: a little bit of research of the identity of the typical locations made by the expert traveller, and a bit of the attraction that the region has on anyone who can penetrate the surface getting to know the essence.

Dorgali and its Caves
Well known is the Caves of Bue Marino, along the coast of Cala Gonone, and the Cave of Ispinigoli in the territory of Dorgali, which is about 32 Km from Nuoro, another stop not to miss while on holiday in Sardinia.
Sardinia Travel Guide Free Download >
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