Is Arutas beach

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Is Arutas Is Arutas Is Arutas

Is Arutas beach stretches for several kilometers, it has a clear sea which colors are between green and blue. It is known as the beach of the grains of rice, being composed of small grains of quartz, which shades range from pink, to green, to pure white.

Is Arutas, as well as the nearby beaches of Mari Ermì and Maimoni, differ from the other coasts of Sardinia, because composed of porphyritic granite instead of the common calcareous rock. The seabed consists of colourful quartz grains which are the result of a long chemical evolution and atmospheric processing. This corner of Sardinia is unique and wild. It provides the basic services, but it is a destination far from the mass tourism. All these aspects make the beach of Is Arutas even more fascinating.

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Its is also considered a perfect spot for surfers also in the winter months because of the deep shore seabed. It is easily reachable from the main touristic centres of Sardinia and, on the way that brings you to Is Arutas, there are other interesting places, first of all, the archaeological site of Tharros.

This amazing coastline is located in the province of Oristano, specifically, in the protected area of Sinis. The peninsula of Sinis is set in the midwest of Sardinia. It is about an hour from Cagliari and about two from the ports and airports of Porto Torres, Alghero and Olbia.


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