Province of Cagliari

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Cagliari, the capital of the province and the region, is located at the heart of the beautiful Bay of the Angels (Golfo degli Angeli); like Rome, it was built on seven hills, which identify the historic neighbourhoods of the city. His name Casteddu, in campidanese Sardinian, meaning Castle (Castello), is just to indicate the upper part of the city, its ancient citadel. The province of Cagliari, despite the loss of many Municipalities following the introduction of new Sardinian provinces, occurred in 2005, remains the most populous of Sardinia.


The city of Cagliari boasts a long coastline of eight miles, the Poetto, the popular beach of Cagliari, which becomes a center for meetings and nightlife in the hot summer evenings, thanks to the many restaurants and bars in the waterfront. If you choose a hotel in Cagliari for your vacation, the beach Poetto will offer sea and sun during the day, music and entertainment in the evening. We suggest you the T-Hotel, a good 4-star Hotel located in a central area; if you really want to enjoy the Poetto beach, we suggest you to check the Villa del Mare Hotel: you just have to cross the street...

Cagliari-Poetto Cagliari-Mari Pintau Porto Giunco

Driving from Cagliari towards the coast of Quartu S. Elena, you will find numerous beaches that is absolutely worth visiting, you'll be spoilt for choice. The beautiful Mari Pintau is just the first of a long series of bays and beaches that you will meet continuing along the coastal road that leads to Villasimius, and that will leave you breathless. The wilderness, in contrast with the soft blue of the sea will guide you during your trip in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia. During your holidays in Villasimius you will have the opportunity to visit a different beach every day, conveniently leaving from your hotel: the most beautiful beaches are that of Punta Molentis and Porto Giunco.

If you choose the coast west of Cagliari for your holiday in Sardinia, you'll come across scenarios and beaches equally unique and beautiful, starting with those of Santa Margherita di Pula, up to the fascinating area of Chia. Here again the beauty of the land and coast is such as to hinder the selection; among many others, without any doubts, the beautiful Tuerredda and Su Giudeu, are the tourist places deserving of a visit and are easy to reach from your hotel in Pula.

Cagliari-Tuaredda Nora Caves of is Zuddas

Nature, archaeology…and a little history

You cannot leave Cagliari without having seen and photographed the beautiful pink flamingos that inhabit the ponds of the capital; arm yourselves with a camera and head toward the Stagno del Molentargius!

But if you want more from your holiday in Cagliari ... if you want to know more about the history of Sardinia, ancient land full of mysteries, you can certainly visit the Cittadella dei Musei  (Citadel of Museums) and have a walk in the heart of the city, the Castello district, entering the streets that narrate the rich history of this people.

If you chose a hotel in Pula for your holiday, we suggest a visit to the ruins of Nora, an important archaeological site not far from the town of Pula.
We also recommend a visit to the Nuraghe Arrubiu, one of Sardinia's most important, and if you want to go into the depths of this region, a visit to the spectacular Caves of Is Zuddas is what we suggest for you!
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