Cagliari Beaches

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Su Giudeu beach
Clear sea and fine white sand; all around, dunes that reach twenty meters, dotted with juniper trees. Su Giudeu is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Suggested Hotels: Chia Laguna and Hotel Aquadulci

Su Giudeu Su Giudeu Su Giudeu

Punta Molentis
It takes its name from "Su Molenti", the donkey, with which the granite, that abounds in the area, was extracted. Punta Molentis is a cove surrounded by cliffs that reach 15 meters; it has clear waters whose color shades range from emerald green to blue.

Suggested Hotels: Hotel Cala Caterina and Hotel Simius Playa

Punta Molentis Punta Molentis Punta Molentis

Tuerredda beach
Tuerredda has the right to be counted among the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, and, according to many people, even among the top ten. White light sand, similar to talc, crystalline sea, Tuerredda is in a natural and still unspoiled scenery.

Suggested Hotel: Faro Capo Spartivento

Porto Giunco beach
Characterized by white sand with pink nuances, due to the granite eroded by the sea, the beach of Porto Giunco is washed by clear turquoise waters.

Suggested Hotel: Pullman Timi Ama


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