Cagliari from dawn to dusk | Episode I

The city of Cagliari welcomes you with the gentle smell of the sea, on a sunny day by the port, as the gentle marine breeze caresses your face. You are about to discover the South gate of Sardinia, its capital and the most populous town. Cagliari is a modern and lively town, rich in history and beautiful architecture, with a picture perfect old town centre.

Cagliari, view from the port

This itinerary begins early in the morning, with a tasty breakfast at one of the bars in the centre, in order to immediatly be transported in the day-to-day life of the Cagliaritani. The place is called Tramer. Its sign (the original  one from the middle of the 19th century) can be easily spotted from under the ancient walls of the city, in a strategic position from which to start you exploration. If you're a sweet tooth, do not miss a homemade meringue, light as a cotton ball, but definitely more inviting.

As you leave the bar you’ll be in Via Manno, one of the best shopping streets in town. Here you can find clothing, perfumes, books and also traditional jewelry. Right after Via Manno there is Via Garibaldi, just as shiny and vibrant, with a long series of modern and old small shops.

Cagliari: Shopping Streets

These streets are located in the fascinating barrio called Villanova (from the Sardinian word Biddanoa – new town). And indeed this area looks and feels like a small old town, surrounded by the city: a maze of narrow streets, low houses and old workshops. In recent times also fashion boutiques and elegant book shops have made their appearence. You will find also a nice bistro, where many Cagliaritani gather in the evening to enjoy a drink and some good music played live at the piano. Villanova is located right under the Medieval citadel, called Castello, and next to the other old districts, Stampace and Marina.

Cagliari - Bastion of Saint Remy

Castello District is the highest point in town and it’s accessibile by a public elevator or by the marble staircase of the Bastion of Saint Remy.  Along its narrow streets, where the smell of ancient stones and hanging clothes fills the air, you will witness a romantic experiment of integration between past and present: the old workshops, which preserve the historical memory of the neighborhood, live now side by side with the ateliers and studios of young artists.

Cagliari - Pink Flamingos

After wandering in this magical glimpse of the past, you will stop at the top of the Bastion where you can enjoy the most beautiful view in town: from here you can admire the whole city, from the port to the promontory called Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle), right until the ponds and salt marshes that during the Spring, when the flamingos arrive, turn pink...

... to be continued

Carlotta Comparetti is a Sardinian blogger. With Journalism studies in London, today she lives between Cagliari and Berlin, and contributes to blogs and online projects in Italy and abroad. Co-editor of Lollove Mag, online cultural magazine about contemporary Sardinia, Carlotta writes colorful stories for YESEYA and Sardinia Lovers.

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Photo Credits: View from the port: Andrea Lodi, Shopping Streets: Piermario, Bastion: Efilpera, Flamingos: Marcello Vargiu.
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