Cagliari from dawn to dusk | Episode II

Here is the second part of our story: in case you missed it, read now the first episode!

As soon as you are a little hungry, the best place to do not forget your lunch break is on the beach. To reach the closest beach, it takes few minutes drive from the city center, and the journey is efficiently covered by public transport. On the one side of the wide and sandy beach of Poetto, you encounter the so called Sella del Diavolo: legend says that Lucifer, while escaping from the angels, lost the saddle of his horse, which is what gave shape to the surrounding hill. The popular coastline along Poetto Beach, where locals use to go often throughout the year, hosts kiosks and small bars where to taste fresh fish, rich salads or, when autumn comes, the long awaited seasonal sea urchins. 

Cagliari - Sella del Diavolo

Refresh yourself with the mild sea breeze and forget about stress, routine and, overall, time. Just breath, walk, and breath again, until you feel satisfied and ready for the next step. The next destination is Via Roma, the popular shopping area overlooking the arbor.You can choose whether to explore it along the arbor side, walking through eye-catching ships of any shape and colors, or go for the loads of shops and boutiques standing in the opposite side of the walk. By walking all the way up, you reach one of the top meeting points in town: the popular Piazza Yenne, heart of the night life in Cagliari. Behind the historical statue of Carlo Felice, you meet Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where you have a wide variety of choice for pubs, little bars and restaurants accomplishing any kind of taste (if you go for veggie preferences, we suggest you to give a try to “La Terra di Mezzo”). 

Cagliari - View from Bastione Santa Croce

For dinner it is time for La Marina, ancient district bordering the arbor, that in the last decades has become a multiethnic area as well as a lively benchmark for night-life in town. Accordingly, at night, both in winter and in summer, in the narrow streets of La Marina gatherhundreds of people seeking for nice, familiar taverns and spots where to taste exotic recipes and properly-made drinks. 

Cagliari - Sunset


Just mind not to miss an icy glass of traditional mirto or limoncello, digestive liquors reach in flavor, offered in most of the tiny bars around the area. 
Shortly, the surrounding atmosphere will make wonder not to leave. Cincin!

Carlotta Comparetti is a Sardinian blogger. With Journalism studies in London, today she lives between Cagliari and Berlin, and contributes to blogs and online projects in Italy and abroad. Co-editor of Lollove Mag,  online cultural magazine about contemporary Sardinia, Carlotta writes colorful stories for YESEYA and Sardinia Lovers.

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Photo Credits: Sella del Diavolo: Comune di CagliariBastione Santa Croce: SantiMB.Photos, Sunset: Efilpera.
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