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Cantine Argiolas, how to taste Sardinia in a selection of wine

Cantine Argiolas


One day you might happen to open up a bottle of Argiolas wine at the wine cellar of your luxury hotel in the remote Thai province of Chiang Mai. And this is not something unusual: the same thing could happen if you are travelling in America, North Africa, Russia, the Middle East, even Oceania. This is because Argiolas products, among the excellencies in Sardinia and in Italy, today can be found in the best wineries all over the world.

The story behind Cantine Argiolas is old and romantic, and take us back to the early 1900' in a small village called Serdiana, few kilometres far from Cagliari, in Southern Sardinia. This is a land of olive groves and vineyards, which represented the main resources for the ancient communities residing there. For centuries, local families dedicated to farming and passed on their know-how, manual arts and traditions throughout generations.


Among those families there were the Argiolas. The patriarch Antonio was the one who grew the first implantation in 1906. We are talking about that kind of job that requires time and devotion, since it is carried out by deepening the hands into the land. Also, it takes practice, experimentation and research. The job was inherited by sons Franco and Giuseppe, who passed it on again. Until today, more than one hundred years later, when Argiolas label is among the excellencies in Sardinia, symbol of quality, merit and expertise.

High standards are also achieved in terms of innovation. The Argiolas successors managed to keep the tradition and enrich it even more by establishing the brand beyond of the regional – and then the national – borders. How did they make it? By telling their story properly to the world. Which means being attempt to details, implementing sustainable policies for materials and energy to use, being accurate in both editorial and visual communications, and finally providing a significant representation in the territory and for the territory.


In Serdiana people can visit the wine cellars, can take part in vineyard aperitifs frequently organized by the brand, can also taste dedicated menus or participate in events and ad-hoc initiatives likely to leave a good experience in the memory of those residing in the island or just travelling around. The atmosphere will be suggestive such as the feeling to be on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, kissed by the sun and mitigated by winds, where the wine culture is a deep-rooted and long-lasting tradition..


[Photocredit: Dario Sequi] 


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