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With its creative design by renowned Architect Massimiliano FuksasVilla Palas is a sumptuous homage to the power of Sardinia’s elements and the grandeur of its nature, evoking the spectacular granite rock sculpted by the wind.

The name of the villa hints at the island’s refined artisan tradition, with the precious and minute embroidery found on “Sa Palas”, the jacket of red cloth and gold thread that Sardinian women used to wear on holidays to display their wealth and happiness.

The villa comprises four volumes of different shapes and sizes, embracing a secluded outdoor area which includes greenery and beautiful relaxation spots. Here, a small pond creates fascinating reflections, shimmering on the soft lines of the portico. A cantilevered staircase leads up to the large terrace, acting as a unifying architectural element and shared space, offering a stunning view of the sea and the Is Molas golf course.

Each of the four volumes has a specific function. The main body of the villa includes, on the ground floor, the living area, the kitchen and a bathroom; the first floor has two master bedrooms with ensuite. The other volumes have a bedroom with ensuite, a study room and a fitness room overlooking the swimming pool. Still on the ground floor, another volume has a single bedroom.

75 m2 swimming pool and a beautiful patio complete the property, which fits unobtrusively with the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation.

Guests have free access to the common areas of the Is Molas Hotel. Several services are available on request. 


Services included:
- Breakfast at the Hotel Is Molas (about 1 km from the villa)
- Access to the Hotel beach with beach umbrella and sun beds 
- Wi-Fi
- 3 times a week change of bed linen and towels 
- Daily room cleaning service
- Costs of power and water included
- Transfer to and from Elmas airport with personal assistance (valid with a booking of at least one month)
- 1 lunch at the Is Molas Gourmet Restaurant (valid with a booking of at least one month)
- 1 cocktail at the Club House or pool of the Hotel Is Molas (valid with a booking of at least one month)
- In the months of June and September, 1 access to the Golf Range (valid with a booking of at least one month)

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