IV Novembre 14

Via IV Novembre, 14 - Posada (Nuoro)

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The house is located in the Aragonese and feudal part of the historic village of Posada, close to the area of ​​the ancient Castello della Fava. The house overlooks the rocky ridge that rises steeply from the plain below to the top, where the ancient medieval tower stands. It enjoys a splendid landscape, where the plain rich in vegetable gardens, orchards and vineyards expands towards the Rio di Posada and the ponds populated by pink flamingos and numerous and varied aquatic fauna, up to the sea. A house that has its own "breath" and gives back a sense of living typical of ancient Sardinian houses: environments that communicate while offering privacy, small windows that "plunge" the gaze into the landscape ... almost like the landscape, the light, external sounds were an emotion to be experienced with intimacy. From the covered loggia, from the views and from the windows you can therefore enjoy the view of the splendid emerald sea, which makes the Posada beaches one of the tourist centers of greatest historical, scenic and seaside value on the east coast of the island. The house, which retains the ancient layout, conveys a pleasant and intense charm of a "lived experience" immersed in the history of the town, embellished by the furnishings and the presence of a large collection of works of art and artistic crafts from the island; what gives the stay the character of a particular experience and a sense of great well-being.

Iron and ironing board
Washing Machine
Hair Dryer
Gas Stove
Bike Storage

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