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Bonifacio (Corsica)

From 310 € ( per Room per Night )
  On the island of Cavallo, the most beautiful of the Lavezzi archipelago belonging to Corsica, there is the Hôtel &....

Cagliari (Cagliari)

From 172 € ( per Room per Night )
Located on the second floor of a charming historic building, the Maison Miramare Boutique Hotel offers fascinating views....

San Teodoro (Olbia Tempio)

From 178 € ( per Room per Night )
Located in the village of Puntaldia, Due Lune Golf & Spa Resort is situated a few kilometers from San Teodoro and....

Alghero (Sassari)

From 64 € ( per Room per Night )
 The Hotel El Faro is located in north-west Sardinia, only 15 minutes away from Alghero and the airport of....

Olbia (Olbia Tempio)

From 80 € ( per Room per Night )
La Locanda del Conte Mameli is nestled in the center of Olbia and offers the perfect place to enjoy the life in the....

Cagliari (Cagliari)

From 139 € ( per Room per Night )
Less than 1 km from the historic center of Cagliari, the T Hotel is located a few steps from the Opera House and from....

Alghero (Sassari)

From 129 € ( per Room per Night )
Set in the Alghero countryside, the Alghero Resort Country Hotel is an oasis of peace suited to those wishing to spend a....

S.ta Margherita di Pula (Cagliari)

From 120 € ( per Room per Night )
The Is Molas Golf Hotel Sardegna is one of the best golf destinations in Sardinia, in a very convenient location on....
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