Da Nicolo Restauranti is located in Carloforte, on the Island of San Pietro.
In the historic centre, on the Battellieri seafront, closer to the marina, you can rely on the culinary tradition of one of the most famous regional restaurants.

Da Nicolo Restaurant brings with itself the history of three generations keen on culinary arts. Grandfather Luigi was the first who gave life to this tradition. Nowadays, you can touch their enthusiasm of working in this sector if you visit the restaurant.

Dining hall
The restaurant opens its season with the annual tuna fishing. Guests are welcome in the outdoor dining hall which overlooks to the promenade.

advises his guests about the selection of local specialities. The Cus Cus, macaroni with pesto, tomato and pecorino cheese and tuna are just a few dishes of what you may discover …
It is worth tasting the desserts which flavours depend on the season.


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Mappa Restaurant Da Nicolo

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