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Trattoria Balbacana Restaurant


The Trattoria Balbacana is located in San Pantaleo, in the heart of the region of Gallura (north-eastern part of Sardinia).

Dining Hall

The Trattoria Balbacana is furnished in rustic style, and it is very welcoming: it is subdivided in three rooms, connected to each other but each with its own style, for tasty dinners and a nice, relaxing atmosphere.
The main room is split on two floors and from here you will enjoy an enchanting view of the valley, furnished with original local materials, such as wood, thus creating charming and welcoming atmospheres for special and unforgettable moments.


There is a great variety of traditional Sardinian dishes from which to choose at Trattoria Balbacana, with Sardinian seafood, traditional dishes which are adapted to modern taste to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Good food is always accompanied with the best selection of Sardinian wines, along with some of the most appreciated and well known Italian wines.


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