Il Fuoco Sacro Restaurant is located in Petra Segreta Resort, just 1 Km from San Pantaleo, between Arzachena and the Emerald Coast.

Dining Hall
Sober and comfortable setting; at Il Fuoco Sacro Restaurant you can dine under the romantic panoramic bower, from where you will have a look on the splendid Arzachena Gulf, Caprera, La Maddalena and Corsica Islands; or in the elegant dining room, enriched by splendid juniper beams.

The culinary philosophy of Il Fuoco Sacro Restaurant is at the hands of the Chef Luigi Bergeretto, who, after several work experience abroad, cooperation with Italian TV-programs and important rewards such as the “ Five Stars Diamond Award “, decided to stay definitely in Sardinia. His style is deeply connected with the tradition. He uses fresh and genuine products belonging to the island typical way of cooking, but with a personal touch which lights and updates the dishes. At Il Fuoco Sacro Restaurant you will be surprised in finding new and originals recipes, resulting by the combination of simple products such as ricotta cheese, pecorino (typical Sardinian cheese), the lamb, the typical “porcetto”, wild asparagus, thistles, saffron and artichokes.

Here below, some examples:

-    Sea bass lasagna carasau (typical Sardinian thin bread) basil flavoured
-    Sheep’s ricotta cheese grilled logs
-    Black sea bass with Vernaccia (typical Sardinia wine), olives und wild fennel
-    Seadas (typical Sardinia dessert) with candy pears
-    Sardinia Cassata saffron flavoured


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