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La Casitta Restaurant

Restaurant La Casitta is located on the Santa Maria island, one of the small islands in the archipelago of La Maddalena, known for its untouched natural beauty.

Departing from Palauharbour, you will reach the Island of Santa Maria by ferry or yacht in 20 minutes. From the small private pier you can walk to La Casitta, a small élite restaurant in a peculiar location, surrounded by over 5 hectares of land.
La Casitta is an enchanting restaurant, where charm and the highest privacy standards are offered, for a luxury lunch or dinner or for an aperitif, possibly with seafood just plucked from the Sardinian waters.

Built in 1920, La Casitta used to be a house for shepherds, but it has been recently renovated to become a paradise for a few lucky guests, where they will taste very good traditional Sardinian food. Food is served under beautiful arcades which allow you to see the beautiful garden and landscape.

Food preparation is the strong point of La Casitta: a great variety of fish and meat courses, all produced in Sardinia, and ranging from fish to lobsters, from pork to wild kids, from vegetables cultivated in the lands which surround the restaurant to the sweets. 

Excellent local wines and home-made spirits.


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